10 Things You Can Tell About A Man’s Intentions From His Kiss

10 Things You Can Tell About A Man’s Intentions From His Kiss

kiss-meaning Kiss is a great way to show your love and gratitude to your partner. There are many ways of kissing and your man knows almost all of them or may be a few of them. But every kiss has some meaning and you should know what it means. Kissing is an art and it is more than just feeling each other’s lips. You should know what your man wants from you by the way he kisses you. Let us look at some of the ways of kissing.

Peck on the lips

1A peck on the lips is a way to say that I love you a lot and want to show it to you in every possible way. But is also signalling that it is too early for us to take it further and we have just reached a certain limit which should not be crossed as of now.


A kiss if prolonged can mean different things and should be gauged accordingly. This can be understood by the example below.

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Prolonged peck kiss

2As a peck says that we are not there yet, similarly a prolonged one shows that now is the time to plunge in the pool of love and make out passionately.

Have you been kissed like a woodpecker? No? Well here is a chance that your lover might just do it but it does not mean that it will be drilling into the tree bark like the woodpecker does.

Woodpecker kiss

3This is most simple and decent kisses of all. It shows the affection he has towards you and it is nowhere a sign of desperation. This shows that he loves you a lot but is not in a hurry to jump into bed with you or rush away with things.

A deep intense kiss is what everyone knows and craves for. Such is the desire of almost all the lovers.

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French kiss

4A French kiss has a lot of tongue usage and it is very intense and hot. It shows that your man wants to make love to you right now and that too by being passionate and sensual.

Did your guy bite you out of love when making out or even while kissing you. It is a very passionate attempt to make your lover know you are craving for her even more.

Love bite

5You know that your guy is completely into you and would not at all give you any pain especially when he is making out with you. So if he gives you a love bite he knows that giving you pain will make you get away with the feelings and may stop what is happening. But at the same time he wants you to know how deep his passion is for you and therefore he gives you a love bite which is very intimate and will show his passion for you and at the same time leave you with a mark of his love.

Is your man full of emotions and always wants to get it out with you. This is a love and hate combination as the man will want to do it even when he is angry.

Hate me and love me

6Your man is an expressive individual and would like to show all his sides to you. At this time he is angry on you but would still show it out by kissing you intensely. You can say that it is his way of showing anger by making out with you in a wild manner. He may also do this when he is very happy and would want to show his feelings for you by making love to you right at that time.

Your man is very passionate and would like to show his passion to you by kissing you in a very dominating manner.

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Closed kiss

7When a man comes close to you and holds you by your wrist and starts to kiss you with a hard mouth and a closed kiss, understand that he is very passionate about you and he does not want you to push him back until he finishes showing his love to you. This is known as one of the most passionate kisses of all.

Kisses are very intense and mean a lot when one in a manner. They can be wild and soft and may send a different message to your lover.

Kiss against the wall

8If your man has pulled you against a wall and has started to kiss you, it is clear that he wants more of you and he wants it badly. If there was a bed around; he would have jumped into it with you right away and made love to you.

You must have wanted to have the best kiss ever from your man and would do anything to get it. Now is the time for you to know that this kind of kissing is the best ever.

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Bend a little back kiss

9This is the best and the sweetest kiss of all. He bends you backwards and holds you with one hand while his other hand is on your face or on your hips. This kind of kiss shows that he is in love with you and would never leave you for anything.

Have you ever been caught unguarded by your man and he has taken advantage of the situation to kiss you?

Kiss me upside down

10If your man catches you sitting busy with something and just pulls your face back to kisses you gently, it means that he is ready to try out new things in the bedroom and wants you to accompany him as well. It also means that he loves you to the moon and back and will always be there for you.

So there you are with so many ways of kissing that your man might have done with your or will do it. Now that you know what each kiss means you will be able to relate to your man and help him show his love to you in a better manner. Also if these kisses have been done to you then you can relate and know what he actually needed at that time. So if he comes to you again in the same way and kisses you in any of the above styles, you know what his intentions are and can reply back in your own special way.

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