10 Celebrities Who Nailed The Off Shoulder Trend

10 Celebrities Who Nailed The Off Shoulder Trend

MainFashion is an ever evolving and continuous process. What is fashionable and trendy today may be outdated tomorrow. What was fashion a few years ago might become the new trend suddenly. Off shoulder trends is not an exception to this. Off shoulder sleeves can be had on blouses, tops, gowns etc. Off shoulder blouses never go out of style or fashion. It is an in thing always, and many celebrities too vouch for the off shoulder styling, when they attend glittering parties or high end award functions. The moment we think of celebrities, film stars are the one who come to our mind. There are quite a few fashion divas that carry off this off shoulder dresses or blouses with élan and aplomb.

Here is a list of celebrities who have made the off shoulder trend a cool one.

Michelle Obama:

Michelle-ObamaThe first lady of the U.S, Michelle Obama is truly a style diva. Whenever she is interviewed regarding her life, she proudly says she is the mother of two adorable girls and then she is a wife, a lawyer, writer, etc.

Where ever she goes, she will definitely leave a mark on people due to her good sense of fashion. She looks good in all kinds of dresses, thanks to her keen sense of fashion and her quest for updating herself regarding the latest and new styles of fashion. Of course her dress designers too need mention here, because without their help Mrs. Obama could not look good or chic. She is one among the many celebrities who can carry the off shoulder trend in a very nice way, due to her toned arms and nice body and height.

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Beyonce Knowles:

Beyonce-KnowlesShe is another superstar in her own right. A song writer, producer of albums and super singer, she is a native of United States. Not to mention, she has fans all over the world due to her way of singing, her sexy dance moves while she sings and grooves, she has performed all over the world. She also plays the piano with the same excitement as she sings. She is another celebrity who can carry the one shoulder or off shoulder dress with great panache and grace.

Angelina Jolie:

.-Angelina-JolieAnother Hollywood celebrity who is known for her charm and beauty is Angelina Jolie. She is an actress who has won many awards for her performances in various movies. Her to be remembered roles are from the movies “Unbroken”, “In the land of blood and honey” and “Maleficent”, to name a few. She has won the prestigious Golden Globe award and also a regular in international film festivals. She is a diva in her own way, and is known to carry any kind of outfit due to her excellent body shape and hour glass figure. No wonder that she looks stunning in an off shoulder dress too.

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Kim Kardashian:

Kim-KardashianNot to forget another superstar who has millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram is Kim Kardashian. She is popular on television and has appeared in quite a number of reality shows. Apart from that she is a high profile socialite, and a gorgeous model, has made her mark in modeling. She is known to have penchant for perfumes and has launched her own perfume company, which is a highly reputed brand and quite a profitable venture too. Due to her various modeling stints, and attending of high profile parties, she is the one too who can carry the off shoulder trend without any extra effort, as she is a true icon in her own way.


RihannaRihanna is quite synonymous with the singing profession. She started her career by recording demonstration tapes and doing voice over’s. Later she rose to fame, once she worked on her single albums. She can be called the youngest singer today, who has recorded most number of single albums. She has won the prestigious Grammy Award in the year 2008. According to a survey conducted by the Forbes magazine, Rihanna can be called the best performing artist of all times. She can too wear the off shoulder dresses or gowns with equal ease, like how she sings without any difficulty.

Lady Gaga:

Lady-GagaNot many may know her real name. Her pet name Lady Gaga is so powerful that it has made to forget her real name. Lady Gaga is an American singer and actress by profession. She rose to fame by her album called “The Fame”. Apart from singing she is also known for her social activities and charitable work too. She is known to closely work with the LGBT community fighting for their betterment and also bring them into the mainstream of society. Whenever she appears on stage, her quirky sense of dressing does not go unnoticed. As said, she is a fashion icon in her own way and she can carry the off shoulder maxis in any award function without a hitch.

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Sonam Kapoor:

Sonam-KapoorShe is one style icon in the Indian film industry who is quoted in every magazine, due to her style sense and good fashionable ways. She is a superstar in Hindi movies and has attended many international film festivals. When she attended the “Cannes” Festival a few years back, she was draped in a figure hugging cream or light gold colored off shoulder gown which made heads turn, as she walked the red carpet. She is known to experiment with various kinds of dresses, differently designed blouses etc, to enhance her beauty, and often her fashion sense is the talk of the town.

Sonakshi Sinha:

Sonakshi-SinhaShe is another Indian actress who does not go unnoticed with her beauty, charm, style sense and of course her wit. She started her career as a costume designer for various stars, before making her debut in Hindi films in the year 2010. She is also involved in various social activities like PETA and is the brand ambassador for the organization. She urges people to care for the pets, like their own family members. Though a bit on the plump side, all her shortcomings will be washed away with her cute smile and lovely friendly warm nature. She looks good in all attires, especially the saree. No doubt that she can carry off any kind of western dresses too and she looks gorgeous in an off shoulder attire, due to her fullness of the body.

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Aishwarya Rai:

Aishwarya-RaiWho doesn’t know this dainty damsel? She was the one who made India proud by winning the title at the “Miss World” pageant in the year 1994. Once she won the international pageant she became a household name in India and later, several modeling assignments followed her. She later started to act in movies and at one time she was the most sought after actress in Indian cinema for her beauty, light colored eyes, fair complexion and of course her right attitude and way of styling for various functions and parties at the International pageant. She is a regular at various film festivals, especially the Cannes. Due to her agile body structure and well maintained shoulders, she can carry the off shoulder trend without any doubt, and is sure a head turner even at the age of 43 years and the mother of a child.

Deepika Padukone:

Deepika-PadukoneBorn to Praksh Padukone and Ujala Padukone, this damsel is a diva right from the word start. She is known for her beauty, charm, acting prowess and of course her lovely dimples too. She started her career as a sports person, but due to her lanky built and well toned body was soon charmed by the arc lights and various producers started asking for her dates, to get her debut done in their movies. She made her debut with a south Indian movie and later on moved to the Hindi film industry, where she is a bankable artiste and a super performer. Off late she has ventured into Hollywood movies too and soon is making her debut there. She too looks gorgeous in any outfit and can carry of any attire with equal ease. The off shoulder dress or gown or an off shoulder blouse too looks good on this dimpled beauty, due to her well maintained hour glass body.

So, these were few of the celebrities, who have nailed the off shoulder trend, and have truly looked beautiful and mesmerizing.

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