The First Virtual Reality Birth That Is Too Emotional To Watch

The First Virtual Reality Birth That Is Too Emotional To Watch

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The world of virtual reality is simply amazing. It is undeniably the the coolest things that technology has given us. Earlier the concept of virtual reality was only restricted to some of the mundane activities like playing video games and watching 3-D movies but now it has taken a huge step aback. It was just recently that the world was under a great shock to know that the Visual reality technology was taken ahead and used for live streaming of a baby’s birth. Yes, this literally happened and all the credit goes to Samsung

The Virtual reality technology

Virtual reality is one of the hot and new technologies that Silicon Valley companies are majorly investing now in. Each has a different take on what will make virtual reality useful. The concept of virtual reality is a big win because it brings in almost anything to life. It has by far been used in the field og gaming and also in the field of military training and others. It works best because individuals have to just wear a eye gear which allows them to visualize the world as if they were inside it. Perhaps one day, virtual reality will enable us to “be present” at important events we otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend. The potential of virtual reality is so huge that it can address real challenges people face every day.


How Virtual Reality Works?

Virtual reality gives advantage to user by providing him a feeling of being their inside and that person can be the part of that specific world. This is a kind of immersion experience for user. Even that person can also be able to interact with that specific environment in meaningful ways. Together this combination of a sense of immersion and interactivity is known as telepresence.

 In other words virtual reality can be defined as, it is an extent to which one person can feel present in the mediated world, rather than being present in the immediate physical environment. The person who is experiencing an effect of virtual reality become unaware of real surroundings, hence this causes that person to focus on his or her existence inside the virtual environment. Along with immersion, interaction is very much important in virtual environment as it allows user to feel truly involved in that specific virtual environment.


Now days, most of the virtual reality environment is controlled by normal personal computers. They are considered as enough to handle development and running of the software that is important to create virtual reality world. Virtual reality environment can be experienced through two senses out of the five and they are sight and sound. The graphics part of virtual world is handled by powerful graphics cards. Basically these graphic cards are designed for video gaming but they can be used for an advanced virtual environment.

Virtual reality world needs some way to display images to user. For this, HMDs that means head mounted display can be used. Head mounted display is a headset that has two monitors. These two monitors are used as one for each eye. The images from the virtual environment create stereoscopic effect. Head mounted display uses LCD that means liquid crystal display monitors for image display. These LCD monitors are more common than CRT that means cathode ray tube monitors.Virtual reality environment has an effect on our day to day lives and it effectively allows person be in two places at one time.


Utilization of Virtual Reality

The concept of virtual reality is utilized differently by most of the companies. Samsung, google, facebook, Sony, microsoft and HTC have utilized the concept in their own way. The HoloLens from the Microsoft should a plumber to fix a leak without paying you a visit. Facebook’s Oculus lets you interact with video games’ virtual worlds. Google allows you cheaply and easily turn your Android phone into a virtual reality headset. But there’s something that’s particularly touching about Samsung’s story about the Larkes.

The Virtual Reality Birth

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. It can also be painful, difficult, and frustrating, especially when huge life moments take place and the most significant people can’t be there for them. Samsung filmed the first virtual reality birth in Australia so that a father who stayed farther could witness the birth of his son in real-time.


Jason and Alison Larke of Perth, Australia gave birth to their third son, Steele on February 20th. But since Jason worked at Chinchilla, Australia, that day, which is 2,500 miles away he was unable to be present during the time of birth. So to make it possible for Jason to visualize the birth of their third child, Samsung gave them an opportunity to look through the world of visual reality.

Samsung set up a special 360-degree camera in the delivery room that captured multiple angles of the room. And Jason was equipped with a virtual reality gear headset. When Jason moved his head, he could actually look up, down, and around the delivery room as the birth took place. He was successfully able to see his third son being born.


This amazing thing  by Samsung just showed the world that virtual reality can also be used for non-gaming uses. Samsung tries to strike a hopeful tone with the video by highlighting how the technology of the future will connect us in new ways. Samsung is currently on a roll with their emotional ads, each of which tells a real-life story and tugs at our heartstrings in the process. Whatever it maybe, the way Samsung used the technology to a great level has set up a history in the field of technology and medicine.