Bollywood Celebrities Caught in Wrong Poses. This is ROFL!

Bollywood Celebrities Caught in Wrong Poses. This is ROFL!

10 Getting into embarrassing poses is a big deal if you are a Bollywood Celebrity. Some of the astonishing poses or pictures with Bollywood stars and between Bollywood stars that will make you wonder whether this really happened or not. I am sure you must be very curious about this so let’s begin with our first picture of the very own ‘Sultan of Bollywood’

1.‘Sultan of Bollywood’

1This image comes from a photoshoot that was conducted with Salman Khan and Juhi Chawla. Salman was not so popular in those days and was just building a foundation of everlasting fans in the early 1990’s back then. We all know about his sex six packs/eight packs but this hairy and not so cool body of Salman will surely surprise many. He looks like young or very young ‘Anil Kapoor’ doesn’t he?


The next embarrassing pose, we are talking about was executed by none other than the very popular ‘Khan from the epiglottis’ for romance, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan. This young picture of Shah Rukh Khan will surprise you and make you wonder was he so dumb?

2.King of Romance, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan

2This high kick, shirt less body and dumb face look can be regarded as some funny and embarrassing pictures, which Shah Rukh will never like to believe it’s him. The high kick certainly looks damn silly considering the physique of Shah Rukh Khan in the early days when he began his career in Bollywood. You have seen a lot of glamorous images of Shah Rukh Khan, enjoy this for a change!


Let’s move from the Khan’s to Kumar now. Our very own ‘Action Superstar’ Mr. Akshay Kumar has had some great instincts to perform several stunts live. Could he ever have an embarrassing moment and an embarrassing moment like this. Click ‘Next’ button to believe it-

3.Super Akshay Kumar at a promotional event

3This embarrassing pose or picture was part of a promotional event which took place for Jeans brand. Akshay would not have realized about the embarrassment of the pose when it happened instantaneously, but this picture looks very embarrassing. Thank God, it was ‘Twinkle Khanna’ (his wife) checking his Jeans comfort else it would have been even more embarrassing!!


The next image is about the ‘Pervert of Bollywood’. There are no prizes for guessing this. But, here is a clue, his beautiful daughter is a young talent in the Bollywood industry today. She has bagged top banner films now. But, she will be embarrassed to see her father in this pose. Check it out!

4.Shakti Kapoor, ‘the pervert of Bollywood’

4You would have seen a lot of models giving poses like these in Bikinis for some famous magazine covers. But, a pervert like Shakti Kapoor giving poses like this cannot be a simple thing to scroll through just like that. I am sure you would be rubbing your eyes twice to believe it, I did too! This is one of the most embarrassing photoshoot poses given by Shakti Kapoor in his entire career!!


This image of the two very close Bollywood stars will depict their friendship but will also share a feeling of embarrassment too. Both stars have hosted a television show together and also have a lot of legal problems in their horoscope. There is no prize for guessing but you can click ‘Next’ to know whether you guessed it right or not.

5.Sallu and Sanjay embarrassing friendship pose

5The friendship of Sallu and Sanjay are known by everyone who is following Bollywood. But, this embarrassing pose where they are trying to link each other’s cigarette looks very embarrassing. Sanjay is chain smoker which is clearly visible in the image and Sallu is a novice who doesn’t even know how to keep the cigarette in his lips. I am not saying they look like they are going to do something else! But still, you can fill in the words!!


The next on the list is a very successful and popular heroine today, who debuted along-side Shah Rukh Khan almost a decade back (still a year short of a decade). You will be shocked this particular embarrassing incident took place with her.

6.Deepika Padukone

6Film promotions can go weird and out of control many a times. This pose happened during a promotional event of ‘Desi Boyz’ which was eventually not so successful. In the effort to make a sound promotion, John and Deepika participate in an embarrassing pose, which reveals more than Deepika would like.

The next picture from a photoshoot back in the 1990’s will surprise you to the core. The participants in the photograph includes Akshay Khanna who made a recent comeback to Bollywood after a long exile. See who is along-side him and in what pose!

7.Akshay Khanna and Urmila Matondkar

7This embarrassing pose was part of the photoshoot carried out in the early 1990’s. There is nothing revealing, but the pose and look given by Akshay Khanna with Urmila Matondkar was certainly quite embarrassing. Can’t really understand the concept behind this. Try if you can find some new interpretations regarding this image!!


The next image is about the sizzling actresses who are so hot individually that we need at least one fire extinguisher all the time. Both of them scramble together for an embarrassing pose, check it out in the next image-

8.Sonam and Jacqueline

8Sonam and Jacqueline together and what’s Sonam doing behind Jacqueline? Undressing her, helping her or what? The expressions do not actually convey what actually happened at a popular award show red carpet. Jacqueline suffered a wardrobe malfunction and Sonam came to her rescue, but we thought it was embarrassing as it looks something else was going on!!


This most embarrassing pose is by a very established actress now in the Bollywood. She too regrets doing this pose and feels embarrassed whenever talked about this pose or things associated to it. Can something be so embarrassing? Check this out to know-

9.Katrina Kaif and Gulshan Grover

9The Bad man of ‘Bollywood’ is seen with a hottest babe of Bollywood in this picture. This is actually a still from a movie, which was probably a movie to forget for greats like Amitabh Bacchan, Gulshan Grover and Katrina Kaif. You would have seen some sexy and happening images of Katrina Kaif enjoy this embarrassing one!


This image also happens to be a part of a promotional event. It is very similar to the one we saw involving Deepika Padukone and John Abraham. Let’s see who is the victim and the culprit then here-

10.Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan

10This was again an unexpected lift by Varun Dhawan during a promotional event for a film. Alia was wearing a transparent salwar which exposed more than what she would have liked. Alia would be singing ‘Yellow-yellow dirty fellow’ to Mr. Varun Dhawan.


These were 10 most disastrous situations when Bollywood stars engaged themselves in wrong poses. Hope you enjoyed all the pictures, we will be back with more engaging content soon!