Secret Weight Loss Program Of Kareena Kapoor You Didn’t Know Before

Secret Weight Loss Program Of Kareena Kapoor You Didn’t Know Before

The reigning queen of Bollywood, until a few years ago was Kareena Kapoor Khan, who was once known for her size zero figure and enviable curves. It is amazing to see her svelte and mind-blowing hour glass figure, even after she has given birth to a baby boy recently. It is no wonder that she is addressed as the Choti Begum of Pataudi Kingdom.

Women always want to look good, even during their later years. But ladies, if you want to look good all the time, then the effort to look good in the later years of life has to begin at the age of 25 to 30 years. Regular maintenance of the skin, hair, overall health checkups of the body throughout the year and keeping yourself cheerful always lends a beautiful glow to your entire body, no matter what your age is.

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If you also want to get a svelte and enviable figure like Kareena Kapoor Khan, then it is high time that you all follow the strict diet regimen and exercise and yoga methods which this Bollywood diva followed.

Weight Loss Programs:

Drink Lots of Water:

Kareena’s first tip to lose weight is to drink lots of water. Around 8 glasses of water, has                                   to be had through the day, to keep the body hydrated, skin soft, hair glowing and to prevent nails from chipping and breaking. She further recommends that warm water is all the more beneficial on an empty stomach, since warm water is known to ease bowel movements and relieve constipation, which is known to aggravate skin problems.

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Women, just dreaming of having a figure like Kareena won’t help, until you have a zest to go ahead and do the necessary workout. Kareena vouches for the fact that, her regular exercise sessions have made her a household name for fitness and adorable figure. That is also one of the reasons she is called “Yummy Mommy”. Even after giving birth to a bubbly boy, she is the same as you have seen her 10 years ago. So, now you must have understood that exercising regularly is the secret behind the perfect figure of this diva.

Kareena’s exercise involves a hot yoga session, followed by pilates, and weight and cardio training, whenever she finds time. She always thanks her dietician Rujuta Divekar, who has helped Kareena get the enviable figure which anyone would love to have. Another lady Kareena remembers is her yoga and fitness trainer, Payal Gidwani, for making her body agile, which helped her lot to gyrate her body for extremely difficult dance moves.

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Eating Healthy:

Another main reason, why Kareena looks stunning is that she eats healthy. Eating healthy foods need not necessarily be costly food items. She says skipping meals in the name of diet, is a strict no-no. Actually skipping meals adds to the empty calories of your body and bloats up the body. Instead have a healthy diet with all the necessary ingredients, which can make the body lean and toned just like hers.

A list of diet which she had followed, as recommended by her dietician is as follows.

  • Breakfast:

The first meal of the day, the breakfast should comprise of at least two idli’s, or a bowl of wholesome fruits with nuts, or two slices of bread, along with eggs, and this makes for a healthy breakfast. Never skip your breakfast, is Kareena’s advice for busy working women and home makers. So ladies, please do have your breakfast regularly, since that keeps you going throughout the day, and gives you strength to face any kind of challenges later in the day.

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  • Lunch:

As the saying goes, Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar”, lunch has to be wholesome with either a bowl of rice and veggies or chapattis made from wheat flour along with veggies. The more the veggies included in the diet the more beneficial it is for you in every way. Care has to be taken that ghee and oil is used in moderation, instead of totally avoiding it, since ghee and oil also are essential for the body.

  • Dinner:

As you have already heard or read in the above post, dinner should be a light mix of either brown rice and veggies or chapattis without oil and ghee. Since, the body is at a resting phase at night, it is always better to go light on the stomach at dinner time and avoid loading the tummy with heavy oily food. Also, it is better to have an early dinner and a time gap of around 2 hours is given between dinner and your bed time.

If you feel hungry between lunch and dinner and if the time gap is more, Kareena advises you to have fruits like Apple and Kiwi, and also to snack on energy bars.

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  • Green Leafy Vegetables:

Many times, in interviews she has stated that, consuming green leafy vegetables are another strict diet regime, she used to follow. A bowl of green leafy vegetables can be had for breakfast, lunch, brunch and anytime, since these don’t add to the extra calories. So ladies, why wait now, you can rush to the market to pick up yummy and fresh leafy veggies, and start eating them, and you are for sure to get a enviable figure with awesome curves like Kareena herself.


Sleep is essential for any human being, right from a new born to a grown up. Sleeping patterns and sleep time may vary but those 40 winks is for sure to make a change in the way you look. No matter what, one has to have eight hours of sound sleep for a healthy and glowing skin, and it also prevent from having dark circles. Now you know ladies, why Kareena is being called to promote products ranging from a pillow to a diamond. It’s her glowing face and wrinkle free skin. In case you too have the ambition of working in ads, then you know that you can’t be sleep deprived.

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Positive Attitude:

Another extremely good advice given by Kareena and which she herself follows is that, having a positive attitude towards life can definitely keep the body free from diseases, reduce mental stress, and increase the longevity of your life. So, adopt a positive attitude and lead a stress free life.

So ladies now you know that you need to live, not just for the sake of living life but to enjoy each moment of life. Always demand respect by your way of living and be a role model in whatever field you are working.

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