Is Newly Wed Couple – Bipasha And Karan’s Wedding In Trouble Already?

Is Newly Wed Couple – Bipasha And Karan’s Wedding In Trouble Already?

Being a celebrity has its own pros and cons. All eyes and ears are on you and one small talk becomes a big gossip. It happens with all the Bollywood celebrities and there was no exception for the glamorous Bipasha Basu and her husband, Mr. Karan Singh Grover. They were married in a very grand ceremony on 30th April 2016, and their wedding had become the talk of the town and everything – from the clothes, venue, decoration and guest list was being talked about by everyone.

Are Bipasha and Karan heading towards a divorce?

With such a glam sham wedding in town, the couple had become a little less focused on with other happening things in the Bollywood town, but they are now back into the media attention – but this time not for very good reasons. Sources reveal that the couple is not on good terms and might head towards a divorce soon. Yes! You have read it right. Bips and Grover fans – the couple seems to be disturbed in their new life and if circumstances demand, will move ahead to accommodate a divorce and a mutual separation. They have been one of the most glamorous couple in the B-town, but lately things do not seem to be going well between them. They had a proper Indian wedding with all the arrangements done in utmost style and elegance. The couple’s wedding invitation caught lot of rage – as if you remember, it was a mix of cuteness, simplicity yet full of style.

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Reason behind the tiff between the couple

As per sources, the reason behind this turmoil between them is that Karan’s friends are not very happy with Bips presence all the time. Really? It has been reported that Bipasha Basu chooses to accompany Karan in all his parties, be it friends or family. Initially, the friends were super excited that ‘the’ Bipasha Basu is making her presence to the parties, but eventually they missed Karan being alone with them in the parties. As a result, Karan’s friends started showing disappointment on Biapsha’s arrival always. Karan’s friends seem to be missing the bachelor Karan and their privacy and they wish that they could hang out alone, as they used to before Karan got married. Sources reveal that the wife’s company to all get together and parties is now going a little over board and now Karan’s friends are actually not very happy with their ‘modern bhabhi’ being tagged along everywhere with the guy.

Is Bipasha insecure about Karan, and that’s why she choose to tag along? Or is it just out of her love that she just cannot leave Karan, even for an outing with his friends? Sources say that; though Karan has no problem with Bipasha accompanying him, his friends might be showing serious disappointments with this new add on. Could the friends actually cause trouble to the marriage and their sweet new relationship? Well, to an extent, they may actually. Especially when Karan chooses to keep numb and if the friends open up to actually state that they are inviting only Karan. Well, that’s a major drawback in any relationship – be it dating or a marriage. Any interference from a third person may cause misunderstanding between the couple leading to tiffs, which if not solved at the initial stages become bigger and lead to complex problems in the future, posing danger.

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Key to maintaining a healthy and long lasting relationship

To maintain a healthy relationship, apart from loyalty and love, clear and timely communication is very important. Always speak your heart and mind out to your partner. By doing so, you will win the trust of your better half and he/she will learn to respect your opinion too. In the above instance, say, if Karan frankly goes and conveys the message to Bipasha saying that since his friends are wanting some private boys time out, he would like to go out alone sometimes, you never know, Bipasha would actually understand and respect the fact the men actually want to spend some private time alone. Don’t you think this would solve the problem then and there and both the people involved in the relation would be happy?

If the partners do not communicate within themselves, a third party begins to get involved and gets their opinion into the relationship. The interference of a third party always complicates things, and trust me, it spoils to an extent where the damage is already been done! Plus, do you think the third person will actually keep your relationship problems to himself/herself? It reaches 100 other ears, and within no time becomes the gossip of the town. You obviously do not want your relationship problems to be the butt of all jokes and gossip. Hence, the best thing to do during misunderstandings is, talk to you partner instead of complaining to your near and dear ones. This will help you understand the perspective of your significant other plus will also lighten your own mind. It will allow both of you to come to a common platform of agreement and thus will solve problems from the root level.

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Importance of effective communication in a relationship

Talking to your partner will also take you more close to him/her. It will show that you are actually taking efforts to understand each other’s perspective and thus, more love and affection arouses. Once you take an effort, you will observe that the next time, your significant other is coming up to you to talk. When you begin discussing small things, you will also notice that your relationship is moving up the ladder and then your partner begins to talk to you about other big and important things of his life. When he starts to understand your perceptive and respect your point of view, he may also begin to take your opinion and suggestion for other decisions of his life. Starting small in the relationship will take you to big places in your relationship.