Kajol’s Little Daughter Nysa Has Grown Up And This Is How She...

Kajol’s Little Daughter Nysa Has Grown Up And This Is How She Looks Now

Having two of the most talented actors of the Hindi film industry as parents has given her a unique perspective towards the world. Born to Kajol and Ajay Devgan in 2003, Nysa- Devgan has inherited the best of both worlds.

Bright teenager Nysa:

All of 13, she is well read, articulate and quite confident. She has inherited her father’s intensity and her mother’s charm. Quite fond of books like her mother, she is very aware of all that is happening around and can easily have a discourse on any matter.


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Star kid who doesn’t believe in partying hard:

From the cute kid, she has grown up to be a smart and intelligent teenager who has been raised in the most grounded way by her parents. Unlike other star kids who are often seen partying or posing on social media, Nysa likes to keep things under the radar. She is quite sorted out for her age.

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Doting elder sis Nysa:

She is a doting elder sis to her younger brother Yug. You can see the lovely bond that these two kids share just from the way she takes care of her brother.

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Daddy dearest:

She is adored by her father and mother a lot. Many photographs of her enjoying a lovely time with her dad Ajay are available. There have been numerous posts either by the doting dad or the adorable daughter giving the readers a glimpse to the bond shared by them.

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Her parent’s biggest critic:

She is her father’s and mothers best critic, often giving them honest opinions about their movies or performances. According to her parent’s she doesn’t mince words at all. Guess we all know where it comes from….

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Like mother like daughter:

Like her mother, she has an honest opinion about all that matters. Since she is well read she can converse with people on most topics under the sun. However, she is quite diplomatic unlike Kajol, who doesn’t mince words when it comes to her opinions. Guess Nysa inherited the best from both her parents.

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Baby’s day out:

She spent some quality time with her dad in London and was also seen walking the red carpet with him. She seemed equally at ease in distressed denims as she was in a designer dress for the more formal event proving she can handle her share of paparazzi and fan following.


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Graceful diva in the making:

You can see the adorable bond shared by Ajay with Nysa in this lovely photo. Look at the grace and poise with which she poses for photographs. Move aside people for this new kid on the block.

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Another star kid in the making:

Nysa, has an academic inclination as of now, but you never know when the creative genes inherited from her parents might kick in. It will definitely be a treat for the audience to see the performance of the progeny of such powerhouse actors if she ventures into the limelight.

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Bright and wonderful future ahead:

Here is wishing the young lady the best for a bright future. May she grow up to be as entertaining, witty and knowledgeable as her parents.