This is What Desi Girl from The “Harry Potter” Movies Looks Like...

This is What Desi Girl from The “Harry Potter” Movies Looks Like Now

8Harry Potter has been a very popular series but there were some not so famous actors and actresses for only a few seconds or minutes in the film. Some of these not famous actors and actresses did create some sensation in our heart when we saw them for the first time. We are today discussing about one such pretty actress who happens to be a Desi-Girl. Let’s find out who she is-

Padma Patil from Harry Potter

1We are talking about Padma Patil who was seen in Raven-claw which belongs to the Harry Potter films. If you fail to remember, let me remind you she was one of the twin sisters in the movie. Hope you guessed her in a vague imagination, if not check this movie still of hers!

The next still is too from the movie. If you are wondering what so special about this actress, you will find out more in the next image!

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Her name is Afshan Azad

2This actress originates from Bangladesh but is a British actress. She is quite pretty and the desi flavour in her made way for several love crushes even with a short role in a very popular Harry Potter series. Check this pretty image of hers back then!

I am sure you would love to know how this pretty girl has shaped up today! Let’s find out in the next picture-

Lovely chic

3Well, she doesn’t anymore look Asian by any means. Just like she has adopted the British ascent, she has transformed into a British look too. This image is a recent one 10 years after the Harry Potter movie role!

The next image is another recent one which is a selfie from this hot Desi-girl. Check it out in the next picture-

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Selfie look

4A pink cap, blue funky t-shirt and a stunning pose for selfie has completed this picture. She is looking damn hot and attractive like never before!

The next image is low on makeup. It has something special that will make you smile and just adore the beauty of this Harry Potter girl. Find out more in the next image!

Eyes closed with a beautiful smile

5You might be thinking something with eyes closed and a perfect smile, but you can’t look this pretty, can you? I am struggling to find a word to describe this gorgeous image of hers! I am sure you too are.

The next image is also a selfie but this one is damn hot. The location of selfie is also very royal by the way! Find out more in the next picture!!

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Selfie in the luxury car

6This is a selfie of Afshan Azad in a luxury car of hers. She has a good taste of dressing and accessorizing herself which is very well visible in this selfie. She can be a selfie queen with such perfect selfie shots, don’t you think so?

After seeing so many casual photos, I would love to see her in a professional avatar. The next image fulfils this wish of mine. Check this formal desi-girl in the next image-

Desi girl in formals

7White jacket, high heels, open hairs and a perfect style makes way for my dream work mate. Wish I had such colleagues in my office too! Every photograph out of the 3 in the picture will make you think you are looking a different woman all the time! Just lovely!! You too will wish the same after seeing this picture, which is part of a modelling shoot!!

This picture is a picture with sunglasses. She has pretty eyes, but she looks very royal and stunning in sunglasses too. Know more in the next picture-

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Hot babe in Sunglasses

8This is another image in the luxury car. She has curled up hairs, sunglasses, black & white dress combination and she is looking damn hot!! I wish she comes back in her dazzling avatar in a movie. I am waiting!!