These Bollywood Beauties Are Looking Damn Hot While Chilling In Swim Wear!!

These Bollywood Beauties Are Looking Damn Hot While Chilling In Swim Wear!!

maxresdefaultSwim wear always increase the temperature by a few extra degrees. But, when these are adopted by our Bollywood hot girls, the temperature just raises beyond control. We are looking over some very hot and fascinating images of Bollywood beauties in swim wear.

This image of the very beautiful actress was for Magazine cover. I am sure, you haven’t seen this beautiful actress expose so much till now. Find out who the hot actress is-

1.Shilpa Shetty

pOne of the very talented and beautiful actress who has won great beauty contests in India as well as abroad is first on list. This sexy black swim wear photo of hers will certainly blow your mind. Black suites Shilpa the best! What do you think?


The next actress in the list is young. She is 30 but looks 13. Did you guess who she is? You will love her swim wear avatar!

2.Alia Bhatt

iThis young looking actress is way more talented and sexy. She has been part of many successful Bollywood films and is daughter of Mahesh Bhatt, who has made yet another hot piece for audiences. This sizzling yellow swim wear image in a wonderful background will keep you engaged for a few minutes. Enjoy!


The next image is a young swim wear image of a yummy mummy. She is known for her beautiful face and physique. Not many have often seen her bikini avatar. Can you guess the Bollywood celebrity?

3.Aishwarya Rai

uAishwarya Rai achieved a lot of glory and fame at a very young age. She has maintained herself exceptionally well following some stringent diet, exercise schedules. Blue colour has been a patent of Aishwarya Rai, see her posing stylishly in blue swim wear.


The next actress is extremely hot in any clothing. She increases the heartbeat of men where ever she goes. I think you guessed it right! Check out-

4.Sunny Leone

sunny-leone_134258359016The colour combinations Sunny chooses are very stylish and fashion statements themselves. Look at her in a pink and red swim wear combination, looking ever so sizzling like never. The background is also very beautiful making Sunny even more hotter than ever.


Black bikinis have always been a stylish choice for the Bollywood celebrities. Look who has posed with a designer black swim wear. You will love this one too!

5.Chillax pose with a Bikini

yThis image of our very own Anushka Sharma looks more than stunning. Look at her expression and pose with a stylish swim costume, which has golden touch to the black colour. She is hot!


You must have been bored of the two-piece swim suit. I know you are not! But, here is a different swim wear used so well by one of the taller actresses of the industry. Guess who is it?

6.Deepika Padukone

tDeepika Padukone is the new sensation in the Bollywood. You will find her in the top 3 Bollywood actresses in today’s date in terms of pay scale. This red and pink webbing of swim wear is just amazing and looks so different. Deepika is just so stunning! Isn’t she?


The next actress is not the most successful one but certainly amongst the most beautiful and hot heroines of Bollywood. She was rumoured to be dating Uday Chopra. Did you guess it right? Find out!

7.Nargis Fakhri

rNargis is very hot and beautiful. This image will make you agree with me. If you thought Uday had made a wrong choice by dating her measuring her not so successful career, think again!


The next image is of an actress who has attained great success abroad. It may be an opportunity to sing or an opportunity to be part of a very popular Hollywood series, she has it all under control. It’s just about being ‘PC’. I know you guessed it right!

8.Priyanka Chopra

eIf you were to synch sportswear, accessories, swim wear, etc., in a single picture, this would be it! The unusual colour green with stylish black looks really cool. Blue goggles and the pony style hair make the picture so very perfect. Way to go PC!


This girl has immense acting skills and has received tremendous appreciation for her acting skills from the legends of Bollywood. She has the guts to try something different. Guess this revolutionary lady of Bollywood!

9.Kangana Ranaut

wKangana Ranaut has decided to go the opposite when it comes to deciding upon the swim wear colour. She prefers white and a lot of her swim wear images are in white suits. The black touches given to the white swim wear make it very stylish. Kangana is sizzling hot in the sun.


The last on our list is a very hot actress who has been in news recently due to series of successful films. She is a versatile actress and is so hot & fit that you will feel jealous of her!

10.Jacqueline Fernandez

qThis hot actress has attained good bit of success recently with a series of hit films. She has been part of several Imran Hashmi films. She is hot and this simple blue cover on the two-piece swim wear looks absolutely stunning on the diva!