9 Telugu Films that You Should Never Even Dare to Watch with...

9 Telugu Films that You Should Never Even Dare to Watch with Your Parents

7g11There are some choices you have to make when you think of watching movie in family with parents. Very often out of misunderstanding or uncertainty, we might be confused on which movie to watch and which not to, particularly with our parents. So, we prepare a cautious list of movies which you should never dare to watch in your parent’s company! You can watch it alone though!

7G Brindavan Colony

1There can be different meanings of love. There are different perceptions of love which change with the incidents in our lives. This story deals of jobless youth who falls behind a girl. She is initially annoyed but later falls for him but does not express the same till he becomes more capable and established. There are more than a few scenes that could embarrass you in front of your parents.

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The next Telugu movie will make you grin! Why will it make you grin? Find out in the next image.


2This movie is a simple love story about a fat guy and a beautiful girl. There are some double meaning jokes which will make you grin as you cannot laugh in front of your parents on such jokes can you? Save this movie to watch alone or with your girlfriend but not with your parents!

The next movie is a love story. Love story of somebody very special! Why you shouldn’t watch it with your parents?  What is the story line?

Oka Criminal Prema Katha

3This movie as the name suggests is the love story of a criminal. There are a few double meaning jokes and also some harsh torture scenes which appear very realistic and disturbing. Avoid this movie on the whole especially with your parents!

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The next film is a generation gap distinction. What seems vulgar for the older generation seems entertaining for the current one. Check out the next image to know about this movie I am talking about!

Bus stop

4The story line of the movie is very simple. Two youths fall in love; Will their relationship be accepted by their family? There are some hilarious scenes which make it a youth entertainer but are vulgar from the other generation view. You can enjoy this movie alone or with friends but not with parents!

How can a con woman change perception of man? Can a woman fool a man? Find out more about this explosive story line in the next image!

Ee Rojullo

5The hero of the film thinks all women are fraud after being conned for Rs3 lakhs by a woman early in the plot. There are some spicy scenes as the friendship turns into a love relationship after some stunning twists and turns. There are also some double meaning dialogues hence, skip this film too for a date with parents!

The next movie is a combination romance and crime. How is it a movie to avoid with your parents find out with the next image!

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Oka Romantic Crime Katha

6This movie is all about love, crime, blackmailing, physical relationships, etc., at a very young age. It is an adult movie with spicy scenes and foul words that can discomfort you to the core in front of your parents. It is an entertainer if you find time to watch it alone. With parents! It’s a big no!

The next movie is all about love. Love can often be a red signal especially when you are selecting a classic Telugu movie to watch with your parents. Find out what love symbolizes here!

Love you Bangaram

7This a movie which has normal plot, happy story unless and until a suspicion of extra-marital affair pops in. Needless to say the extra-marital affair film will not have entertaining scenes for the older generation. The movie rating for this movie isn’t great either! Avoid this movie anyway with or without parents!

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The next movie is a must watch movie! It was a sensational hit movie back in 2000. But, we suggest to avoid watching this movie with parents. Know about it in detail with the next picture-


8This movie is runs on college romance story line. How attraction leads to physical relationships and then to unwanted pregnancies. They are some very spicy scene which will heat you up alone. Your face will be red and boiling if you ever decide to play this movie in company of your parents! A must watch movie, but not with parents!

The next movie is about school kids. So, what’s so much different about it that it should not be watches with parents? Find out in the next picture-

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9What happens when a child of a fish seller is attracted to a girl of a business man? The guy has a lusty feeling about the girl but the girl is attracted to him with a true love bonding. How does this story transpire and what are the challenges of such an indifferent couple? Many scenes are not so watchable in parent’s company and hence, this should be avoided unless you need strict parenting to be imposed on yourself!