8 Things Boyfriends Should Learn From Ranveer Singh

8 Things Boyfriends Should Learn From Ranveer Singh


When you hear the name Ranveer Singh you start running your mind with all that he possesses as a human like the humbleness with elders, and the friends for life attitude with his colleagues and co stars. All you can wish for is to be just to be a little as he is. As far as his relationships are concerned he is the best fit boyfriend ever and Deepika Padukone has always been thanking him for being the most uninhibited lover who does not leave a single opportunity to make her feel special.
Likewise Ranveer has also on almost all occasions never missed to say how lucky he is to have Deepika in his life. He always makes sure that he is besides her whenever she needs him and respects her as an individual which almost every woman fantasises. Since all the girls go head over heels for Ranveer Singh and just wish if their boyfriends could be if not all at least 10% of what he actually is.

So we have listed a few of the things that Ranveer Singh as a boyfriend does and other boyfriends should learn from him.

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1.Give Surprises when least expected

aWe all love surprises and especially when it comes from your boyfriend. Showing that you care by giving small unique surprises is what Ranveer always does for his lady live. He does things which are never in Deepika’s dreams expected from him. Such is the aura of the super star. This one thing should be done by almost all the boyfriends so that their partners feel nice.



We all love it when our boyfriend feels proud of the achievements. This is the next in line that all guys should learn.

2.Respect her profession and feel proud of her achievements

bShe puts her heart and soul in all that she does. This is the time when she expects her boyfriend to stand besides her and appreciate all that she has achieved and not envy her. Ranveer Singh is the perfect example as he not only appreciates Deepika’s work but also promotes them. The picture below clearly shows his affection for her work and her achievements.



This passion for your lover will surely make her feel on top of the world as she is already on seven heaven for her achievements and also the love of her life is standing right behind her to support her morally.

3.Protect her when she needs it the most

cEvery girl likes her boyfriend to protect her at all times. Ranveer makes sure that her girl is always under protection and never feels unsafe at any given point of time. This concern is always appreciated by the lady and makes her more inclined towards her guy.



This is not the end of it, as the guy should be able to express himself wherever possible. Next thing to learn from Ranveer Singh is the same.

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4.Express your emotions wherever possible

dIt is always difficult for guys to express what they feel and this is exactly the opposite in girls. They expect their guy to be more expressive and show their emotions even when they are in public. Ranveer never misses on an opportunity to make her know how he feels for her. Moreover expressing your feelings will never make you any less of a man you are.



Make memories with your girl whenever possible and cherish it for the rest of your life.

5.Post as many selfies you can with her

eWomen are always in search for an opportunity to take selfies and photos especially with their boyfriends and then post it on social media websites to let the world know how cute and adorable they look together. All these things will make your woman go crazy for you. This is exactly what Ranveer Singh does with her partner and it should be learnt by all the boyfriends.



Do not leave any opportunity to just give a kiss or a hug to your partner when she expects the least out of you.

6.Hug and kiss us with a surprise

fWomen always are craving for the attention and love of their boyfriends. They like it when they get a hug or a kiss without expecting it at times. This makes them feel special by their boyfriend and makes a special bond. Ranveer Singh always shows this love and gratitude for Deepika and takes her by surprise. This is another quality of Ranveer Singh that boyfriends should learn from him.



Have you proposed your girl in a romantic way or was it just a simple one to express your love.

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7.Be ready to go down on your knees

gYou know that your woman actually wants you to go down on your knees and propose your love to her. This is even better if there is a heart shaped balloon in your hands for her.



Women always want you to follow her wherever you go or look at them with puppy eyes.

8.Puppy eyes

hWomen love it when you drool upon them with puppy eyes. They want you to love them like a small puppy does. You should be a man enough to get this done just like Ranveer Singh does.



Your woman loves it when you show the same respect she gives to her family and friends.

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9.Respect both the families in the same manner

iYou know that as your family is important to you and wish your girl to respect them in the same manner you do or rather more. The same feeling is in the mind of the girl. You should respect her family and her parents just like they are yours. This is the perfect way Ranveer does to Deepika’s family and parents. This needs a lot of courage and acceptance on both ends. This is surely a learning for all boyfriends.



All these tips will help you to woo your love even more and will create a strong bond between the two of you. So go ahead and apply these tips to win your love in all the possible ways.