10 exercises That Will Tighten Up Your Loose Skin and Eliminate...

10 exercises That Will Tighten Up Your Loose Skin and Eliminate Double Chin

q9Are you frustrated that all your pretty pictures are overshadowed by that double chin of yours? Do you want to get rid of that stubborn, sagging skin on your chin? Well, then this article will help you with 10 amazing face exercises that will help you get toned chin and eliminate the chubby fat in just a few weeks time. Do these exercises regularly to tighten the loose folds of skin and give your chin a natural toning easily at home.

Overweight people usually suffer from these problems as the extra layers of fat generally get accumulated under the skin resulting in a double chin. This problem can occur due to aging and as the skin loosens up and becomes less elastic and saggy, the double chin occurs. However, in very rare cases, double chin can also be genetically inherited. Whatever the reason may be, the good news is that, with these 10 effective exercises, the double chin can be eliminated in no time. So let’s get started:

The tongue press


To do this exercise, sit in a comfortable position with your back straight and tilt your head slightly backwards to look at the ceiling. Next, press your tongue against the roof of the mouth and slowly lower your chin towards the chest as much as possible until the two meet. Do this without rounding the upper back or opening the mouth.  In your mind, count till 5 and then relax. Repeat this 20 times or in 2 sets of 10 each.

Kiss the ceiling


To perform this face workout, stand in front of a mirror with your back straightened. Next, slowly tilt your head backwards so that the chin points towards the ceiling and the neck muscles are stretched out. Then, purse your lips and blow a kiss towards the ceiling. Do 20 kisses per sitting and bring your chin back into position. Do this several times a day.

Chewing gum


For this exercise, sit in an erect position and turn your head towards the left side so that the neck muscles on the right are stretched out.  Then move your jaws in a circular motion like you are chewing a bubble gum for 20 counts. Bring your head back to the center and relax for a minute. Next turn the head towards the right side and repeat it. Perform this entire process at least 15 times a day.

Chin and fist


To do this exercise, stand in the same position as kiss the ceiling exercise and place your fist directly underneath the chin. Lift your chin towards the ceiling and press the fist against the throat and then bend the chin downwards towards the chest offering isometric resistance. Once you feel the neck and throat muscles stretching, gently life the chin upwards while still offering the isometric resistance and relax. Do this process 10 times a day.

The neck roll

Neck-Roll-exerciesThis exercise is very effective in releasing the tension from the neck and shoulder muscles and also tones and relaxes the throat, neck and jaw muscles. First of all, sit in an erect position with a straightened spine. Take a deep breath and tilt your head gently towards one side until the chin comes in contact with the shoulder, then slowly exhale by rolling your head downwards so that the chin is now touching the chest.  Inhale again and turn the head slowly towards the other shoulder. Repeat this entire neck roll 10 times.

The X-O pose


This is a very simple exercise to get rid of cheek fat. This exercise only requires you to pronounce the alphabets “X” and “O” several times a day working on the jaw, neck and throat muscles. He best part is this workout can be done anywhere and at any given time and as many times as you wish.

Cheek lifts


A big, hearty smile in itself is helpful to tone and firm the skin and muscles in the cheeks. For this exercise, smile as wide as you can. Then, using your fingertips gently push the cheeks towards your eyes to stretch and strain the muscles. Hold it in that position for 15 -20 seconds and release. Do this 20 times per setting.

Jaw release


This exercise will not only help to get rid of chubby double chin, but will also help to give a prominent jaw line and stronger cheekbones. For this exercise, close your mouth and  work your jaw around like you are chewing something. Take a deep breath and exhale. Open your mouth and press the tongue hard against the base of the mouth and wait for 5 seconds, take a deep breath and release. Repeat this process 20 times a day.


Exercising the platysma muscle will help to tone the chin and the throat. To strengthen this muscle, sit or stand in a comfortable position with an erect spine. Pull in your lips towards the teeth and bend the corners of the mouth downwards. Next, slightly open the mouth to activate the jaw muscles and go back to the previous position. Stay in that position for a few seconds until the tendons in the neck stand out. Then move your lower jaw round and round 5 to 10 times and release. Repeat this exercise 10 times a day.

Tongue out

This is a great exercise to work out the muscles of the chin and can also help to decrease the double china and tone it naturally without any surgical aid. To do this exercise, sit or stand in a comfortable position and open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out as far as possible. Does this till you feel the neck and chin muscles tighten and count till 10. Relax the muscles and repeat it 15 times.

Neck and face exercise are the best ways to get rid of the stubborn double chin fat naturally without opting for artificial methods or surgical procedures. Most of these exercises are really simple and easy and can be performed anywhere, and at any time at your own leisure in the comfort of your own house too. Doing these exercises a few times a day will surely help in toning the chubby muscles and also eliminate the extra fat deposited beneath the skin effectively and effortlessly.