Beauty Benefits Of Onion That Will Surprise You

Beauty Benefits Of Onion That Will Surprise You

capture1We were always aware of the health benefits of vegetables since ages. Our elders often advice us to include vegetables in our diet in order to lead a healthy and disease free life, but did you know that these vegetables also have certain beauty benefits that would take you all by surprise. One such vegetable is onion (Allium cepa) also commonly known as Erulli in Kannada, Pyajj in Bengali, Kanda in Gujarati and Kandaa in Marathi. Onions have antimicrobial, antibiotic and antiseptic properties because of which it can be used for hair care and skin care.

1] Nutrient Contents of Onion

Before we learn about the beauty benefits of onion let us get to know what exactly the nutrients that are present in onion are. It contains minerals and vitamins such as Sulphur, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Vitamin-D, Iron, Vitamin-C, Magnesium, Vitamin B-6 and Germanium along with abundant Anti-oxidants.


2] Preparation of Onion Paste or Juice

There are numerous ways by which onion juice or paste can be prepared. Here, I have explained about the few easiest methods for its preparation

Using a Blender

This is the simplest method for extracting onion juice. Cut few onions (as per your requirement) into small pieces using a kitchen knife. Transfer the cut onions into a blender and make a paste of it. Add few drops of water if required to get an even consistency but don’t overdo it as too much of dilution might reduce the effectiveness of the onion. If you want a thick paste don’t add water at all and continue grinding for some more time.

Using a Pestle and Mortar

herbs-pestleCut onion into fine pieces and transfer the cut pieces into the mortar. Keep grinding the content with a pestle until you get a paste of fine consistency. This is a little more time consuming when compared to the blender method but you can follow this method when there is no power connectivity for the mixer to run and also when the quantity is less.

3] For Reducing Pigmentation

skin-pigmentation-600x350Hyper-pigmentation or tan caused due to continuous exposure to sunlight can be healed by applying paste of onion or onion juice on your face as Onion is rich in antioxidants which are very good for skin. For this,

  1. Wash your face with a mild soap or a face wash.
  2. Wipe it with a towel or a napkin.
  3. Make sure there is no powder or cream applied on your face.
  4. Take a cotton ball and gently dip it in the onion juice and apply it all over the face including your neck area. Take precautions to prevent the onion juice from entering your eyes.
  5. Let it dry naturally for few minutes, approximately 10-15 minutes.
  6. Again wash your face with plain water. Avoid using soap or face wash in this step as the chemicals present in it might reduce the affectivity of the natural ingredients present in the onion.
  7. Apply some rose water only if there is a burning sensation or redness.

4] In the Treatment of Rashes

If at all you have had rashes on your skin due to insect bite or bee bite make sure you apply onion juice or paste on it for the rashes to heal quickly, you might have a burning sensation after this application but it surely does make the rashes vanish in a matter of no time.

5] Onion for The Hair

5 Amazing Benefits of Onion For Faster And Better Hair GrowthIf you have been worrying about your hair for a long, there can be no better remedy than this for a healthy and shiny hair. Many people who have used onion for hair fall and baldness swear by it. I have myself tried this easy and cost-effective treatment for hair fall. There was a time when I would see my hair all over in the room, bathroom, shower cap, pillow and comb.

Hair fall had become a major cause of worry for me and I invested all my time on taking care of my hair and trying out every new product available over the shelf but in vain. I also wasted lot of money on useless treatments which the beauticians and hair experts had advised me. As suggested by one of my friend I tried using onion juice on my hair for few months and was amazed at the result.

Hair fall started reducing drastically and also tiny hairs started growing on the bald patches after one month of regular use. The hair fall controlling and hair growing capacity of onion is attributed to the Sulphur content in it. Sulphur is a very important component of our hair and by applying onion extract directly on the scalp increases the blood circulation to the hair root and boosts hair growth. Not to forget, Onion also has abundant concentration of protein in it which makes up for the structure of hair.


6] Method Of Application of Onion on Hair

  1. a) The onion juice or paste can be prepared by either methods mentioned above (blender method or pestle and mortar method).
  2. b) Onion juice can be applied either on an oily scalp or a dry scalp but it is best to apply it on a dry or washed scalp as its absorption would be more efficient.
  3. c) Take a cotton ball and dip it in the onion juice extract and gently rub it on the entire scalp. Concentrate more on the areas where you have hair fall.
  4. d) While applying, gently make partitions in the hair using a comb so that the entire scalp area is covered.
  5. e) Let it dry for half an hour to one hour naturally. Don’t ever make the mistake of using a drier or fan for drying it.
  6. f) If possible expose your scalp to sun light for 5-10 minutes as the Vitamin-D present in the sunlight speeds up the absorption process.
  7. g) After it is dried, gently wash it with a mild shampoo, preferably any organic shampoo or a herbal shampoo. Wash your hair twice as the pungent odor may remain if not washed properly. Also few flakes might remain on the hair which can be removed once the hair is dried using a comb or rubbing it with a towel.

PRECAUTIONS: Rinse your eyes well with plain water if the juice enters your eyes while applying it.

7] Using Onion in combination with other ingredients

New-Study-Shows-Ginger-Is-10000x-Stronger-Than-Chemo-And-Only-Kills-Cancer-Cells-e1446685225133Onion can be used just as a single ingredient or in combination with other ingredients such as lemon juice, garlic paste and ginger paste. Use onion juice in equal quantity with ginger, garlic and lemon juice, mix well and apply on the scalp.

8] In Removing Moles

If you are worried about moles and skin tags, then nothing can be better than onion in removing it. We have all faced the problem of skin tags around our neck region which build up and give a darker appearance to the neck. Since the skin around the neck is very sensitive, rubbing it excessively in order to remove the tags can ruin the texture of the skin and make it lose its natural elasticity. Hence applying onion paste on it can remove the warts gradually. In the same way even moles and blackheads can also be removed.


9] Onion in Diet

Although Onion can be directly applied on the hair and skin to avail it’s beauty benefits, it can also be taken into the body in diet form. It’s always best to consume onion in raw form like in salads or it can also be used in major food preparations in fried and boiled form.

10] Cons of Using Onion

onion-juice-hair-maskThe only disadvantage that comes our way while using onion for our beauty needs is its strong pungent odor. Nevertheless, this can be compensated with all the benefits onion provides us.

Now that you know about the beauty benefits of this easily available kitchen ingredient, go try it once and know the results all by yourself and I am sure you are going to keep trying it very often after noticing the magic it recreates.