10 Must Follow Tips To Get Glowing Skin At Home

10 Must Follow Tips To Get Glowing Skin At Home


Every girl desires to look gorgeous on her special day!  She definitely has a lot of preparations to make to get that radiant skin before marriage. If not a perfect skin, at least the flaws could be minimized before the wedding time. Check out these 10 must follow tips that give a glowing skin to a beautiful bride like you.



The fundamental step to obtain a healthy and glowing skin is to keep the body hydrated by consuming 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. Water helps in detoxification of your body. Eating fruits like water melon, grape fruits and orange regularly also helps in hydration.

Prior preparation

Your skin needs at least 3 months for preparation, during which natural and healthy diet should be followed.  A lot of vegetable and fruit smoothies should be consumed every day. Make a chart that shows what you should eat every day and what kind of face packs you need to apply every day.



Deep cleaning facials once a month is recommended for the bride in their twenties, in order to eliminate pimples, acne and sun tan. Use natural facials help greatly to get a glow. Got to the spa and pamper you with facials and also get manicure and pedicure done with a good body massage.



Regular exfoliation is really important to have an improved texture in your skin. Exfoliation helps to remove the dead cells and other skin impurities. Use scrub every week to remove the debris and oils from your face.


Certain supplements also need to be consumed along with diet for the overall health of body and skin. Multiple vitamins, Omega 3 fatty acid (found in fish oil) takes care of the heart, eye, skin and the overall health.

Moisturize and sunscreen

moisturizer-include-sunscreen-1Use of skin-specific moisturizer, at least twice a day, all over the face and body is a must to keep the skin soft. Put on the sunscreen whenever you are moving out because protecting your skin as important as pampering it.



A good sleep for at least eight hours every night is very essential, without which even beauty treatments wouldn’t work on the skin. Meditate for some time and make yoga a daily routine in the morning. A good amount of physical exercise makes you look youthful and active every time.

Keep your make-up brushes clean

Always make sure the make-up brushes are clean in order to avoid any bacterial infection on the skin.  Shampoo them, rinse with water and air-dry with the bristles facing down. Also, make it a note to clean the makeup every night and then go to bed.

Go natural


Homemade face packs add a glow to the skin. Brightening mask like multani mitti, sandalwood, lemon pack and other fruit packs can be used to enhance the normal skin complexion. Regularly follow the face packs without fail. They also help to treat your pimple/acne and other skin issues.

Take Proper food


Plan a proper diet! Food plays an important role in obtaining a glowing skin. Eat Salmon, Pistachios, Dark chocolate, brown rice, beetroot and legumes. These foods are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, potassium, sodium, calcium, Vitamin A & E. They help to nourish your skin and also help is proper blood circulation.

Following these easy tips and gets a perfect glowing skin on your big day. This is a must follow tip for the bride-to-be. Include these tips as part of your wedding preparation so that you can easily achieve a glowing and healthy skin.