If You Are An Indian Woman Between Above 18 Years Married or...

If You Are An Indian Woman Between Above 18 Years Married or Not Married! You Will Face All These Issues.

aid155993-728px-tell-if-you-have-started-puberty-for-girls-step-2-version-2A woman undergoes a lot of changes in her life, whether physical or emotional. Once they reach the age of puberty, there can be several changes found and after that the change and evolution goes on and on, until she faces problem of a different kind in her middle age.

The changes in women can be either bodily changes or something related to the mind. Such changes if not detected on time and medicated, can lead to various other health complications and later the end result can be disastrous.

Here are a list of changes that women undergo between the ages of 18 and around 44 years. Let’s take a look and also act accordingly, to prevent women from falling ill, since they are the back bone of any family either directly or indirectly.

Problems faced by teens: (13 – 19)

Physical changes:

senior-portraits-for-girls-in-everett-wa-paxton-portraitsOnce a girl ends her innocence stage of childhood and enters the teen bracket of either 12 or 13 years, the mommies tend to start observing their lovely girls for any kind of physical changes in them.

If the girl has good physical growth, it indicates that she might get into puberty or start her periods any time soon. The physical changes which start in a girl who will be of around 12 or 13 years, will be sudden increase in the height and weight of the girl, breasts start developing more quickly, her reproductive organs tend to be more active and they will also be prone to acne outbursts. They also start giving importance to their overall looks and crave for attention.

Sign of first periods:

Once the girl reaches or crosses the age of 13 and above, it is high time that she has to be checked by her pediatrician to look for the signs of her getting the first period. Girls have to be taught regarding how they have to face their first periods, since in many households even now talking about these things is considered bad and a taboo.

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If the girls are not educated regarding this, they may be prone to emotional upheavals and this again leads to various other problems like, lesser grades in school and college and various other behavioral changes too.

Mood swings:

sadgirlontrack-1400x450As we have already read in the earlier point, the girl who has started her periods or is about to start her periods will definitely be prone to various kinds of mood swings. Teenagers, whether boys or girls are known to be affected by low self esteem, in comparison with their peers regarding various matters, showing signs of aggression, arguing with the parents and feeling that they are always being controlled are all the signs of severe mood swings.

It is at this stage that the parents have to be more cautious, since teens are prone to have hot and short temper, and may need counseling sessions to overcome these problems.

Teen age stress:

The teen age stress may be different from the stress what females undergo at their middle age. though it is equally straining for both at these stages. Teens may suffer from various issues like peer pressure, competition from friends in various issues, quarrelling with siblings etc. Also they may face stress due to the stomach cramps they undergo during the monthly periods, which drain them out of their physical and emotional strength.

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Other changes:

10-facts-about-breasts-03-rOnce they start having periods regularly, girls who are around 18 years and above will start developing fuller and firmer breasts than their young age counterparts of 13 years. Their pubic hair starts growing and they will be well versed with the onset of periods and will be more mature to handle such things. Their reproductive organs will be fully developed, and they can be physically though not emotionally ready for the child bearing task.

Problems faced between 20 and 30 years:

Job hunting:

tips-for-women-in-tech-to-dress-for-workOnce a boy or a girl finishes his or her education, the next step for them would be hunting for jobs as per their education. The job scenario is such that, there will be lots of competition there too and one has to struggle to prove themselves. Sometimes they may not get jobs according to their need and satisfaction, some other times the pay in the job may not be up to the mark etc. This again affects more females, since they have to look for safety at the work places and also ensure that there is no harassment at the work place from their male counterparts.

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Once the job hunt is over and the female is just enjoying her financial stint, the next step or stress she would have to face would be the questions about her marriage and her decision to get settled down in life. This problem exists even today, no matter how much ever the female is well read and financially independent.

Familial pressures lead to an untold kind of easiness to the female and she will find it difficult to cope with all the pressures she is undergoing. The decision of choosing a correct life partner, the compromises the female has to make regarding the married life, all leads her to get severe headaches, body aches, etc.


working-mother_2435483bTowards the fag end of her 26 or 27 years, the female may get a good life partner and she may get married to the man of her dreams. The next question would be about her attaining motherhood.

Though it is her and her partner’s decision to start a family, in many situations due to family pressure she might be forced to embrace motherhood, though she might not be mentally prepared for that. Once she has conceived, the hormonal changes start showing on her and this can be attributed to her pregnancy. During pregnancy a female will undergo numerous changes like weight gain, body changes, loss of job or taking a break from job all makes her prone to various hormonal changes, which may lead to mild diabetes, hypertension etc. Added to this, if her married life is not smooth and her partner is not adjustable, there is no other hell for the female.

Problems faced between 30 and 40 years:

Productive or stressful years:

get-rid-of-stressThis can be called the most productive or most stressed out years of a female in her life time, since she has to cope with the ever growing family needs, manage finances, manage her own health etc. The couple may again plan for a second child to make the family circle complete. In case the female is working, she might have to quit her job completely to take care of the family, and dedicate herself to her kids and husband totally.

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Health Problems:

The onset of 30 years in a female can be called as a pre cursor to many diseases. The first and foremost sign is that she may start graying, with a few strands of gray hair here and there. The second sign which shows that she has climbed the ladder of 30 plus years of age would be showing of wrinkles, crow feet, hyper pigmentation etc, which happens due to her continuous exposure of the skin in sun, due to her vigorous outings and excessive work pressure, etc.


pcos1-(1)In case the female has not been able to conceive even in her thirties, it could be due to PCO’S problem. PCO’S the short form for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a kind of an endocrinal disorder, which leads to various hormonal imbalances and irregular monthly cycles, abnormal weight gain and other related problems, which make their life all the more worse and may even lead to depression.

Problems after 40:

This can be called the stressful period for a female, since she will be battling various problems like menopause, empty nest syndrome, finding ways to make use of her time etc.

Skin related problems:

54ff890dba2e7-skin-problems-solved-orig-master-1The first and foremost issue which bothers the female when she reaches 40 years would be the appearance of her skin. The skin of the female in this age tends to get drier with each passing day, and care has to be taken to get rid of the same.

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Hair thinning:

Once known for her lustrous mane in her 20’s and 30’s, the female may find that her hair has started thinning. Losing lots of hair due to various stress related issues is not a new thing, and many females experience this once they reach the age of 40.

Accumulation of fat:

back-fat (Small)Once the female reaches the age of 40 years, it is for sure that she is bound to put on weight no matter what. Accumulation of fat at all the wrong places makes her more insecure of her looks, beauty etc. To get rid of this problem, she has to do regular exercising, perform meditation, brisk walking, etc.

Decreased strength:

Another common problem female’s face in their mid 40’s, would be decreased strength of the body and less stamina. This is due to poor eating habits, anemia, severe work pressure, loneliness, etc. To get rid of this problem, females have to start taking calcium supplements to enhance their overall strength especially the bones, lest she will suffer from osteoporosis and arthritis problems.

Pre menopausal symptoms:

This is the time when the female starts getting crankier, as she will be experiencing various kinds of pains and aches due to vigorous changes in her body. Also her body starts producing less of estrogen hormones, which leads her to lose interest in sexual activity. Pre menopausal symptoms also include problems like irregular periods, variation in the monthly flow, etc.

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Empty nest syndrome:

The empty nest syndrome is another issue which bothers the female once she reaches the age of around 45. The kids and family she has tended to suddenly becomes busy in their own world, and the poor female is left to fend for herself. At this stage, the female has to develop some or the other kind of hobby like drawing, singing, painting etc, to keep herself busy and mentally stable.

So, these were some of the issues faced by women between 18 to 44 years of age. Read them carefully, and try to avoid these problems or be prepared for them at least.